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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 -- THE END OF WAR

We hope you'll take this opportunity to meet and hear from Paul Chappell, a 2002 West Point graduate who served in Iraq and has written two books, "Will War Ever End" and "The End of War." He's now on staff at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and travels extensively, engaging college students and others on the subject of "The Power of Waging Peace."

MONTHLY BROWN BAG VIGIL - Wednesday August 18, Noon to 1pm outside Congresswoman Lois Capps' Santa Barbara office, corner Garden and Cabrillo Streets. (Every third Wednesday at noon)

July 20, 2010 --THE END OF WAR

Santa Barbara Main Library, 

Faulkner Gallery
Tuesday, July 20

Norman Solomon is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics. Author of a dozen books including 

"War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death" 

and "Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America's Warfare State"

June 16, 2010 ---Brown Bag Vigil/Monthly PDSB Meeting



The news is not good in Afghanistan:


We are continuing to visit over 100 Congressional offices around the country to let Congress know how much their Progressive constituents want this war funding ended and those BILLIONS of dollars of our tax money re-directed to programs & projects needed at home, PDSB members will visit Congresswoman Lois Capps’ office again at noon this Wednesday. We then plan to walk down to State Street to distribute flyers to our community on what we are doing to end these perpetual wars and why it is important that they join us.   

WE NEED YOUR HELP to distribute PDA’s professional flyers.  Please try to spare just one hour of your time this week, now that the primaries are over, and join us on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16TH,  from NOON TO 1 O’CLOCK at 301 E. CARRILLO STREET to let Lois Capps know that it is time to “WAGE PEACE”/ NOT WAR.



WE MUST TELL CONGRESS HOW WE FEE while they are feeling the heat from all the PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGES in the primary elections!        It is time to ask them to END THESE WARS!  Lois Capps needs to HEAR our PROGRESSIVE VOICES NOW.

ONWARD…REMEMBER that if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.   It is time for us to act.


PDSB’s June 16 Meeting will be held in the lunch room of the Venture Tech Building at 402 E. Gutierrez Street from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

We need you there to help plan and get the word out for our important WAR MADE EASY event at the Faulkner Gallery coming up on July 20:  Norman Solomon has agreed to come to Santa Barbara and speak to our community about these wars and occupations in the Middle East.  As you probably know, his book entitled WAR MADE EASY was made into a documentary film, which we will be showing before Norman’s talk.  He will be joined by Rick Reyes, a U.S. Marine turned peace activist, who accompanied Norman to Afghanistan and served two tours of duty in Iraq.  Another important guest that PDSB will host in August for another vital event, Paul Chappell, the Peace Leadership Director from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, will be there to introduce Mr. Solomon and tell us a little bit about his important work.

 In case you missed the interview with Norman Solomon on C-Span’s Washington Journal recently, here is the link:

PDA is so lucky to have such a great Advisor and advocate!  The author of 12 books and a brilliant journalist and fact finder, we will be hearing what the truth is on the ground in Afghanistan from a man who visited Kabul this past August and was able to talk directly with the Afghan people in the largest refuge camp just outside Kabul.  This is an amazing accomplishment, since our State Department, our Military, and the main stream Media keep us so uninformed about what is going on there.

We need your help to get the word out to the community and to the various Democratic Clubs and Community Organizations that so many of you belong to or head.  This will be a great event!  We are looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow evening.  Thanks!

Peace, Progress, Courage & Compassion,

Lois Hamilton/Jon Williams

Co-Chairs / Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara

May 19, 2010 ---Brown Bag Vigil 

12-1pm @ Office of Rep. Lois Capps, 301 E. Carillo St. Please join Lois Hamilton and Jon Williams at Congresswoman Lois Capps' office for our fifth monthly PDA Brown Bag Lunch Vigil of 2010 to once again ask our Congresswoman to take a lead roll in ending these wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan & redirectingthose Billions of our tax dollars to programs desperately needed at home, like health care, education and green jobs. It is crunch time as another $33 Billion War Funding Bill is ready to be voted on by Congress. What happened to our Lois Capps who voted against the Iraq invasion? What has happened to our "City for Peace" who voted to oppose these wars when Bush was our president? We must let our new president, who most of us worked so hard to elect, know we want Peace.

April 21, 2010 - Instead of our regular evening meeting we encourage you to attend this event: 

"ACLU Forum: Drugs — Legalization, Civil Liberties, and Incarceration" Wednesday, April 21, 7 to 9pm @ Faulkner Gallery, 40 E. Anapamu St. , Santa Barbara

April 21, 2010 -- Brown Bag Vigil.

Progressive Democrats of America expands the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign to include Brown Bag Lunch Vigils.

CA-23 Cong. Capps—Brown Bag Lunch Vigil. 12-1pm @ Office of Rep. Lois Capps, 301 E. Carrillo St.

A contingent of local PDA members will be visiting Congresswoman Lois Capps' office to make our Healthcare NOT Warfare plea with all the materials provided by PDAWe have already contacted her office and they are expecting us.

Please bring your brown bag lunch and show up a little before noon for this important event. We need to let Lois Capps know we do not want our tax dollars going to fund more war. We want real Healthcare Reform.

March 17, 2010 - Dr. Connie Stomper, Physicians for a National Health Plan & 35 Assembly District Endorsement

6:30-8:30 pm
Dem HQ, 402 E. Gutierrez St.

Special Guest. Dr. Connie Stomper will talk about her work with Physicians for a National Health Plan. She is an organizer and trainer with this great organization that has faced arrest and intimidation in speaking out for the majority of doctors who advocate Single Payer.

Also Endorsements for 35 Assembly District.
All members in good standing (have attended at least two prior PDSB meetings or actions) as of at least three weeks prior to an endorsement vote will be entitled to vote at an endorsement meeting." --PDSB Bylaws

We will meet in the lunchroom at the back of the Venture Tech Building at 402 E. Gutierrez Street across from the Home Improvement Center. Enter first parking lot, right off Olive Street and go to back of the lot to park.  Call Lois cell # 805-453-3894 if you need help finding us. Hope You Will Show Up,  Lois Hamilton (PDSB Co-Chapter Leader).


6:30-8:30 pm
Victoria Theater.

Campaign Announced for California’s Single Payer Health Care Reform Legislation -- Santa Barbara Event

Massive Netroots, Grassroots Campaign Features New 30-second TV Ad Each Day for Year
The California OneCare coalition launches their ambitious campaign to pass a new health care plan this year for all residents. Celebrities, political leaders, health care activists and victims are featured in a 365-day TV Ad campaign for single-payer legislation, Senate Bill 810, authored by Senator Mark Leno.

SANTA BARBARA EVENT: Monday March 22, 6:30 pm at the Victoria Theater. Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County in partnership with the Health Care for All –Santa Barbara Coalition present “Hot Topic: Health Care Reform - The Way Forward for CA.” Learn about the strategy to bring universal single payer health care to California and be part of the launch of the statewide media campaign! Special guest -- Emmy-winning film-maker Don Schroeder. Schroeder is Co-Chair of California One Care Campaign and is on the Board of Directors of Health Care for All California. Cost, suggested donation $10.
The bill passed the Senate on January 28 by a vote of 22 to 14 and will proceed to the Assembly, where passage is expected in late August 2010.
When passed, California OneCare legislation is expected to cut current insurance administrative costs from 30% to 5%, because for-profit private insurance plans would be replaced by one plan administered by a public agency. Hospitals and doctors would continue to operate privately, while insurance would be financed publicly, like Medicare.
 All California residents will have their own choice of doctor and will be covered for all necessary health care including doctors, hospital, medications, mental health, medical equipment, dental, eye-care, and more.
A single payer plan will control costs and bring full care, for all, for less for most residents because of the creation of one risk pool with everyone contributing based on earnings. Similar single payer models used by many developed countries provide full universal health care for all residents for less than half of what Americans pay per person each year.
A new 30-second TV Ad each day for a year.
From Monday, March 1, 2010, to February 28, 2011, a new 30-second ad is being released each day and distributed statewide via email and placed in key media markets by California OneCare Campaign coalition partners. Every ad will focus on the horrors of the current health care delivery system, the impact of private insurance and reveal the benefits of the “Medicare for all” solution of the California OneCare plan, SB 810.
Some 70 ads have already been produced, featuring Lily Tomlin, Paula Poundstone, Elliot Gould, Ed Begley, Valerie Harper, Connie Stevens, Ken Howard, Ed Asner, Adam Arkin, and more. Supporters in the general public will be invited to submit their own ads for the campaign.
A strategy for passage of SB 810.
The 365-day TV ad campaign will augment statewide grassroots and netroots organizing. This effort will gain momentum during the most tumultuous political period in decades, from the state primaries to the November elections for the Assembly, the Senate and a new Governor.
The goal of the campaign is to achieve passage and approval of SB 810 by a super majority of legislators to then override the expected veto of the bill by Governor Schwarzenegger. Just three additional yes votes in each house would achieve a super majority. The Governor previously twice vetoed similar single payer bills which were passed by a 62% majority of the legislature.
Over two million coalition members and supporters will get active online or join neighborhood events to educate others about the benefits of this major reform of our health care system favored by a distinct majority of voters.* Activists expect that success here with a single payer system will convince other states to adopt it as well. and the 365 Ad Campaign is a project of Health Care for All-California and a statewide coalition of organizations for SB 810.
*2/15/09 CBS/Washington Post Poll: 59% of Americans favor non-profit Medicare model for health insurance financing.

Peter Conn, Santa Barbara Chapter Outreach, 805 682-5183 
Andrew McGuire, Executive Director, 415 215 8980
Don Schroeder, Campaign Committee Co-Chair, 818 761 1470
George Savage, Campaign Committee Co-Chair, 310 459 2323

PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF SANTA BARBARA will hold its first meeting of the New Year  


February 17, 2010 - LEFT TURN ONLY/ Dispatches From the Progressive Underground

Author Brad Parker will join us for a Book Signing and Talk, followed by a Q & A Session


Dem HQ, 402 E. Gutierrez St.


This is a rare opportunity for Santa Barbara Progressives to meet Brad Parker, a well known author and PDA member, who will be speaking to us about his new book, a book that Tom Hayden describes as "what historians

call a primary source, the new raw anger that led to effective pressure when grass roots Democrats became infuriated at the perceived betrayal of the anti-war cause after they worked so hard to elect a Democratic Congress in 2006.  Invaluable for political scientists and activists trying to understand why Democrats so often abandon their base." Feel familiar?


Like us, Brad is a true Progressive, frustrated with his party for turning away from its progressive values and principles. He knows it will take a grass roots effort where Progressives "Stand Up, Show Up and Speak Up because, Now is the Time, This is the Place, and We are the People."


February 17, 2010 -Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign Brown Bag Lunch Vigils

Santa Barbara Brown Bag Lunch Vigil will be held from 12-1pm. at the office of Rep. Lois Capps at 301 E. Carillo St. For More info See PDSB
Action Alerts

January 20, 2010 - PDA expands the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign to include Brown Bag Lunch Vigils.

Santa Barbara Brown Bag Lunch Vigil will be held from 12-1pm. at the office of Rep. Lois Capps at 301 E. Carillo St. For More info See PDSB Action Alerts

January 22, 2010 - Health Care for All - Santa Barbara Chapter, First Quarterly General Membership Meeting (PDSB Coalition Partner)
6:30-8:30pm, Faulkner Gallery (Santa Barbara Main Library) 40 E. Anapamu St. Santa Barbara

Please join us as we kick off our newest campaign for real healthcare reform.
We will be showing a recent 30 minute presentation on health care systems by journalist T. R. Reid.  Then we will unveil the 3 year statewide strategy to enact single payer  and ask YOU to sign up to help. Part of this will be a sneak preview of some of the 30-second advertising spots created by Health Care for All for the California OneCare campaign in support of California Senate Bill 810 (Leno).   At the end of the program, HCA members will vote for two delegates to send to the May 8, 2010 by-laws convention. Nominations may be made from the floor. Bring your friends, your questions, your suggestions on how YOU can help, and bring your enthusiasm! Thank you. HCA Santa Barbara Leadership. For information, reply to this e mail or phone Peter at 682-5183

January 25, 2010 - Santa Barbara Pro Choice Coalition Roe v. Wade Anniversary Event (PDSB Coalition Partner)

5:30 pm. Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library.

The event will start with a reception at 5:30 pm, with the program to begin at 6 pm. Keynote speaker Kathy Kneer, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California will address the status of women's access to comprehensive reproductive health care, particularly in light of recent attacks on access to abortion in the health care reform debate. Short remarks to follow by Rev. Mark Asman and Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer addressing access to choice from an interfaith perspective


December 16, 2009 - "Invictus" Screening & Discussion Panel

For our December event on the 16th, Progressive Dems of Santa Barbara are invited to SB CAN’s screening of the new feature film “Invictus,” directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. Matt Damon plays the captain of the all-white South African national rugby team who’s asked by Mandela to help unify the divided country.

After the screening, Geoff Green of the Fund for Santa Barbara will moderate a discussion panel on the importance of after-school and club sports in our underserved community. Not only do sports keep kids healthy and out of trouble, but those athletes who get year-round attention are usually first chosen for high school sports leading to higher placement during college admissions. Unfortunately, the expense of a year-round or club sport often creates a de facto “apartheid” in our own community. All that to talk about and more, so please join us!

When: Wednesday, December 16th
Time: 6:30pm
Where: MTC Metro Four Theatres
Cost: $9.25 adults/$6.75 for 60+ and under 12

No meeting in November

PDSB co-sponsored senate candidate Jonathan Tasini's visit to Santa Barbara on the 14th

October 21, 2009, Meeting - A Report and Discussion on the 2009 Bioneers Conference

PDSB stalwarts Bill and Sue Smiley will be among the many forward-thinking people attending
the 2009 Bioneers Conference from October 16-18 in San Rafael, California. On Wednesday the 21st at 6:30PM we'll all meet, enjoy refreshments together and then refresh our progressive batteries by discussing, with them (and others who might attend?) the many things they learn about and experience there. What is a "Bioneer"? Here's from the organization's web site,

Founder Kenny Ausubel coined the word bioneers in 1990 to describe an emerging culture of social and scientific innovators who are mimicking nature¹s operating instructions to serve human ends while enriching the web of life. We take a "solve-the-whole-problem" approach: Taking care of nature means taking care of people - and taking care of people means taking care of nature. It's part of our mission.

We'll try to keep this as much in the context of Progressive Democrats as possible: how can we help build a community of caring, politically active and aware individuals who value people and the planet over profits and power? For more info contact Jon Williams, PDSB Co-chair, at (805) 451-7608 or

September 16, 2009, Meeting - Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future w/ Guest Speaker: Rick Wayman (NAPF)

President Obama has repeatedly stated his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons.  The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has been working for such a world since 1982.  How will fresh U.S. leadership change the stagnant course of nuclear disarmament?  What can we say to advance this cause?  Join us on September 16th at 6:30pm in the lunch room at the Democratic Headquarters, for a discussion with Rick Wayman, the Director of Programs at NAPF since 2007, and watch NAPF's new short video, "U.S. Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World".

Prior to coming to Santa Barbara, Rick Wayman worked for three years with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the UK.  His letters and op-eds have been published in major British newspapers as well as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.  He has a Master's Degree in non-profit management and policy advocacy from the School for International Training in Battleboro, VT.  The birth of his first child on August 9th of this year has given him one more reason to work for a world free of nuclear weapons.

Come and join the discussion, ask your questions, and give Rick and NAPF a hearty PDA Welcome! 

For more information, contact Lois at  Refreshments from 6:30 - 7pm.  Meeting starts at 7pm

August 19, 2009 Meeting - "Where's Your Bag?"  Guest Speaker:  Kathi King

Calling All Conservationists!
  Do you have any idea what the use of non-reusable plastic and paper bags and Styrofoam are doing to our planet?  As fellow inhabitants of this beautiful planet Earth and the beach city of Santa Barbara, we must all do our part to protect our ocean & environment from the unsustainable course mankind is on.  A sustainable future is possible with our help and participation in important programs like this!

Channel Keeper and other conservationist organizations are launching this voluntary program this month in SB to get members of our community to voluntarily bring their own reusable bags to grocery and other stores whenever they shop.  It's such a simple thing.  Come see Kathi's presentation showing the effects of Styrofoam and plastic on our ocean--a focal point of our local economy.  We must help protect it!

New PDSB Chapter BusinessWe will also be discussing some new ideas to connect our local PDA Chapter with the National PDA.Org Database and discuss what this will mean to us.  I have an idea to get our members to step up to become Team Leaders who will participate in national conference calls on the important issues with some of America's foremost leaders on issues affecting our lives and share those calls with the rest of the SB chapter each month.  It will give our members the chance to participate more fully in the attainment of our goals as an organization.  Come prepared to discuss this idea, fellow Progressives!  I look forward to getting to know you all better.
Your New Chapter Leader, Lois Hamilton

July 2009 Meeting - If not us? - Building a "Bottom Up" Democracy

If you’re feeling like the change you expected after November’s election has been, at best, happening way too slowly — no end in sight to Bush’s wars, people still locked up without charges, health care still held hostage by the insurance companies — join us at our monthly meeting of Progressive Democrats.

When: Wednesday, July 15th at 6:30PM
Where: Dem Headquarters, 402 E. Gutierrez Street (across from Home Improvement but enter through door in parking lot off Olive Street), Santa Barbara
What: A chance to meet other impatient progressives including Sue Broidy, newly elected director of the California State Democratic Party’s Region 10.

We’ll be talking about how, working together with other Region 10 progressives from  San Luis Obispo to the San Fernando Valley, we can help bring about true “bottom up” democracy, sending the kind of representatives to Sacramento and Washington, DC who recognize and respect the will of the people: stop wasting lives and dollars on foreign misadventures, put an end to government-sponsored human rights violations and, by all means, start treating health care as a right, not a privilege.

We’ll have snacks and beverages. All you have to bring is your concern and a willingness to believe we can make things better.

June 2009 Meeting - The Future of Journalism in Santa Barbara

As you all know, journalism in general is threatened in this age of the internet, and our sad little hometown paper has big, big problems that go beyond the financial. Progressive Dems are urged to attend this event tonight, Wednesday the 17th... 
Please join us at this important public forum and panel discussion on the survival of the news
"The Future of Journalism: Keeping the Watchdog Alive in Santa Barbara and the Nation"
 WHEN: Wednesday, June 17, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
 WHERE: Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Central Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. in Santa Barbara
 Co-Sponsored by Santa Barbara Community Action Network (SB CAN) and International Brotherhood of Teamsters
At a time when corporate and wealthy owners of newspapers all over America are gutting their newsrooms and jettisoning content, where will we get our daily in-depth news? How much longer will we hold a paper in our hands? Who will do the hard work of investigative reporting?
On June 17 in Santa Barbara , a panel of experts tackles how to strengthen the press in the Age of the Internet, here and around the country.  The moderator will be Craig Smith, a Santa Barbara blogger who keeps a close eye on local media.  Speakers include:

Susan Paterno, who directs the journalism program at Chapman University in Orange , California , and successfully fought a libel suit that was filed against her by the Santa Barbara News-Press;

Jerry Roberts, the former News-Press Editor and Publisher, and San Francisco Chronicle managing editor, now a columnist on California politics for the Independent and <> ;

Nick Welsh, the Independent's longtime reporter and editor and "The Angry Poodle" columnist;

James Rainey, the media columnist for the Los Angeles Times and a 27-year veteran in the business; and
Dick Flacks, a UCSB professor emeritus of sociology, a radio host and a community activist who helped create the non-profit organization that operates public access channels 17 and 21.
If you care about democracy, bring your ideas to this important discussion!  It is free to the public and co-sponsored by the Santa Barbara Community Action Network (SB-CAN) and International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
For more information, contact Melinda Burns, 560-8954.

May 2009 Meeting - Progressives Come Together

Come meet and mingle with members of Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Grass Roots Network (formerly the Peoples' Coalition), Move On Santa Barbara and more. We'll be talking about how to work together to further  the progressive ideals of health care not warfare, clean and fair elections, saving our environment...the list goes on and on, and we can make a difference right here at home as well as across the nation and around the world.

April 2009 Forum - Healthcare Not Warfare Surges Into Santa Barbara

Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara in association with Health Care for All, Santa Barbara welcomes the leadership of Progressive Democrats of America and the organization’s “Healthcare Not Warfare” campaign as they make their way to the California State Democratic Convention in Sacramento. The meet’n greet, in support of state and federal universal single-payer health care bills, takes place at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara at 1535 Santa Barbara Street on April 22nd at 5:30 PM. Enjoy refreshments, good company and a video about Healthcare Not Warfare. No charge but donations to offset the cost and help with PDSB activities are appreciated!

For more info contact Jon Williams at either or (805) 451-7608

 March 2009 Forum - Health Care for Santa Barbara

The Health Care for All Santa Barbara Chapter & Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara invite you to attend Health Care for Santa Barbara

Wednesday March 25, 6:30 to 7PM Socializing,7 PM Forum
Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library

Viewing of the Short Film: Sick Around the Word

What would Universal Single-Payer Health Care look like in Barbara County? What would improve? What are the pitfalls? Who are the winners and losers? What is stopping us from having guaranteed health care with top-quality treatment for everyone?

For more info on the Health Care for All Santa Barbara Chapter go to: or contact:

Peter Conn: 805-682-5183 or  Address: PO Box 30684, Santa Barbara CA 93130

February 2009 Forum - History of Progressivism, Progressive Issues, Framing the Debate AND Action!

Marshall Getto, Emily Allen, Bart Woolery, Olive Uribe, Nancy Murdock
 & Jon Williams will lead the discussion.

6:30-7:00 Socialize
7-8:30 Meeting 

Refreshments & Good Company!

1st Annual GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County

-Workshops and skills-building
-Discussion and input into the first-ever PLATFORM for the Santa Barbara Democratic Party
-Information on getting more involved for State Party delegates on procedures and structures of the California Democratic Party.
For the first time EVER, your local Democratic Party will be holding a General Membership Meeting, a sort of mini-convention for Democratic activists here in Santa Barbara County. Any registered Democrat is welcome to participate. See you there!
At the meeting, we will be discussing our platform. Want to help draft it? Is the a particular local policy issue that interests you?
Below is a list of the Drafting Committee members and their respective platform "planks". Contact them directly if you are interested!
An Environmentally Sustainability Community
Tim Allison
Housing, Transportation and Community Development
Emily Allen
A Socially and Economically Just Local Economy
Daraka Larimore-Hall
Effective and Accountable Government
Barbie Deutch
Health Care and Social Welfare At the Local Level
Steve Attewell
Organizing For Democratic Victories County-Wide
Hillary Blackerby
Civil Rights and Equality
 Vibiana Saavedra
High Quality Education for All
Pam Kinsley

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