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Movement to Ban Fracking in Santa Barbara County

posted Mar 24, 2014, 6:00 PM by pdsb chapter   [ updated Mar 24, 2014, 6:05 PM ]

From the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians

Dear Friends,

Please let me know if you would like me to come speak to a group of your friends or associates about this project sometime in the next couple of weeks. Love, Becca

Hi! Exciting news for Santa Barbara County! March 18, 2014

We just filed an initiative to ban fracking and its bedfellows, with our county registrar today! And now we need your help to get it on the November 2014 Ballot!

Join the rapidly growing movement to ban fracking in Santa Barbara County, by helping us get an initiative on the ballot this year!

Who: The Santa Barbara County Water Guardians ( is a rapidly growing coalition of students, professionals, farmers, parents, professors, non-profits and retirees. 

What: Place an initiative on the November 2014 ballot to ban fracking and other hazardous extraction techniques in our beautiful county. We hired the finest lawyers in all the land, Schute  Mihaly and Weinberger LLP and Nathan Alley, who drafted our high quality, legally defensible initiative and we are very excited about it!

When: We have an incredibly short timeline, but it's totally possible! We need your help to gather signatures, between April 5 and May 7 in order to reach our goal of 18,000 signatures. Sign up here:  Or call 805-865-2231, or email with questions. We are working with several groups of enthusiastic student at UCSB and SBCC, and are feeling very confident about our ability to meet our deadline.

Why Ban Fracking Now:  Because fracking in California is for heavy, dirty tar-oil that will be transported to the highest bidder. Because we like clean air, fresh water, and safe energy. Because we must protect our precious resources and health from the multiple hazards of extreme oil extraction techniques facing our county. Because we are at an energy crossroads, with companies like Santa Maria Energy, proposing 7,700 new wells, using the most emissions intensive form of extraction in the world, which won't be covered by SB4 regulations, nor the proposed statewide moratorium. Because there is no way that we can lower our countywide emissions if these projects go through. And because we cannot afford to wait even two more years. 

Why a ballot initiative: In order to get a ban passed through the County Board of Supervisors we would need support from 4 out of the 5 board members and that is very unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

Why join the fight? Because it allows us to become more fully alive at a time when the world desperately needs us to be. And because we always have A LOT of fun together! Join us! 

Sign up to help us gather signatures or make a much appreciated donation toward our sizable legal fees and campaign costs here:

We will have a training on how to gather signatures this Sunday at 5PM at The Unitarian Society, 1535 Santa Barbara St. Please join us!

Imagine how strong our movement will be after gathering 18,000 signatures in 4 weeks! Let's do this!


Much love,

Santa Barbara County Water Guardians
Citizens Climate Lobby

(805) 865-2231

"Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done." Louis D. Brandeis