Brown Bag Lunch Vigil

posted Sep 20, 2011, 11:57 AM by Emily Allen
Lois Capps’ Office

301 E. Carrillo Street
at 12:00 pm
Wednesday, September 21

Join us to deliver over 100 letters to Lois Capps from her constituents, asking her to end all this U.S. war funding that is simply unsustainable, economically and morally. This will be PDSB’s 20th month of Brown Bag Lunch Vigils to end wars and occupations. We will not rest until these wars and occupations end and all our troops return home to their families. Now, THAT is what “supporting our troops” really means.

Will you be able to meet with us for a few minutes? Hope to see you then.

Many thanks,

Lois Hamilton

Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara