March Meeting

posted Mar 10, 2011, 11:40 PM by Emily Allen
Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara,

It is time to get together and talk about our role in this unfolding drama spreading across our nation to eliminate unions and workers rights and to send women’s health care and reproduction rights back into the Dark Ages. It is up to Progressives to lead the way back to sanity and civil discourse.

Please come to our meeting on March 16th and participate in an open discussion on these devel
...opments and to discuss our local City Council endorsements and hear about Lois’s trip to Arizona for a PDA leadership working week—people are rising up in even the “belly of the beast”.

We will also talk about our participation in the March 19th Peace Rally & March in Santa Barbara. Thanks, Peter Cohen,

for your great flyer (see attachment). Let’s get the word out. I need volunteers to help carry my END THE WAR NOW banner, which spans the entire street.

WHERE: Venture Tech Building/ 402 E. Gutierrez Street (across from Home Improvement Center)

(come around back off Olive St. parking lot to the lunch room)

WHEN: Wednesday, March 16
6:30pm-7pm--Refreshments and socializing.
Meeting starts at 7pm and is over by 9pm.

As the “Progressive Wing of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party” (Tim Carpenter), it is up to people like us to take a firm stand in our local political arenas to fight for the survival of the progressive values and programs we extol.

Workers and Women are under attack from the far right fanatics. It is up to us to take a stand. Do we stand up for the working people or do we let people like the Koch Brothers decide the future of our Republic?