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REMINDER:  Progressive Talk Radio on Saturday mornings for three hours / KTMS-990 AM

Nick Beeson and Mike Kemp will be on Saturday morning at 8AM

Nick Beeson and Mike Kemp host Talking With America Radio Show every Saturday morning, 8 to 9 am, on 990 AM KTMS, Santa Barbara's NewsTalk Station.  This Saturday Santa Barbara City Council Candidate Cathy Murillo will be on from 8:35 to 9:00.  Learn about Cathy's great plans for the City and how you can help.  Ballots go out in just a few days on October 11 for this by-mail-only election! Talking With America Radio Show every Saturday morning from 8 to 9 on 990 AM.

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Speak Out With Hannah-Beth at 9AM on News-Talk 990 KTMS. 

This Saturday at 9am on Speak Out with Hannah-Beth, I'll be talking with Santa Barbara City Council Candidate Deborah L Schwartz on why she's running for Council and what she thinks are the key issues affecting the future of our community and her solutions for them. I'll also be talking with Karen Higgins Co-President of National Nurses United about the movement to Occupy Wall Street and what they're demanding on behalf of the 99% of us whose lives and livelihoods have been put at risk by Wall Street's excesses and greed. Please join me Saturday at 9am on Speak Out with Hannah-Beth on News-Talk 990AM KTMS

Intelligent Talk! Strong Talk! Provocative Talk! Talk That Makes Changes! This is not JUST talk - this is intelligent talk with a punch! 

THEN, Listen to our Mayor Helene Schneider at 10 AM!

I never fail to learn something new,

Enjoy your Saturday morning,

Lois Hamilton / PDSB Chapter Leader