Single Payer--What It Is - What It Is Not

Don't forget about this important HCA-SB event on Universal Single Payer Health Care and what it would mean to you and your family.   With so much misinformation and fear- mongering circulating on the news and on Right-Wing talk shows, you deserve to know the TRUTH about "Single Payer".  There will be two short videos followed by a panel, including a local Primary Care Physician, who will answer your questions and help you better understand why REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM is so needed in this country.

When:   Monday, August 17th at 7pm
Where:  Antioch University
            801 Garden Street  Room 203
            Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Free to all comers!  For more information call Peter Conn at (805)682-5183  OR
Health Care for All-CA