posted Aug 20, 2009, 9:47 AM by Lois Hamilton
The “Where’s Your Bag” Kick Off Party!!
Friday, August 28, 2009, 2pm to 5pm
De La Guerra Plaza
Dance and sing along with the eco-madness of the familyfriendly
Banana Slug String Band! Participate in the Trashy
Fashion Show, inspired by recyclables and reusable bags!
Check out the educational booths and displays. Trade your
single-use grocery bags (paper or plastic) for a free reusable
shopping bag! Mayor Marty Blum kicks off this event!
This event is FREE and brought to you by:
Did you know...?
Hundreds of thousands of marine
mammals, sea turtles, and birds die
every year from ingesting plastic bags
which they mistake for food.
Californians throw away 600 plastic
bags per second and use 19 billion
plastic bags per year.
The production of plastic bags uses
non-renewable resources like
petroleum and natural gas.
The energy needed to produce and
transport disposable bags uses
precious resources and creates
emissions which lead to global
In the landfill, bags can take up to
1,000 years to degrade.
Fewer than 5% of plastic bags are
recycled and only about 20% of paper
bags are recycled.
Paper bags take 4 times as much
energy to manufacture as plastic and
generate 70% more pollutants.
Each reusable bag has the potential to
replace thousands of disposable plastic
and paper bags!
For more information or to participate
in the Trashy Fashion Show:
www.SBrecycles.org or 564-5631